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Version 5.05.1 - August 18th, 2017
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West Wind Technologies

Documentation, the Easy Way

Help Builder is a documentation creation tool for end users and developers alike. Focused on easy content creation, Help Builder provides a productive work flow using a text optimized editor using the popular Markdown editing format. Simply type your text and easily add topic cross links, external Web links, images, screen captures, tables and other text markup using either Markdown syntax or our toolbar options.

Help Builder can be used for documentation, but it's also a great tool for creating reference documentation, FAQs, free form text or notes storage, and even things like code snippets. It's a great way to organize and search free form text and recover it later. When you're done creating content simply upload your content to your Web site using FTP, or create a CHM help file, Word or PDF document if you want to share your content.

For developers Help Builder supports embedding syntax colored code samples for a variety of languages and markup formats, importing from a variety of sources like classes, databases and entire libraries for full featured development or component documentation. Imported content can be further ammended to provide the best of automated reference documentation plus important user guidance on how to use your products or tools.

So what are you waiting for? Download Help Builder today and get your documentation jump started.

Easy to use rich text editing
Optimized for creating documentation
Markdown for easy text entry
Helpful markup menus
Side by side live preview
As you type spell checking
Quick topic search
Easy topic cross-linking
Easy image and Web links
Screen captures (native or w/ SnagIt)
Create self-contained Web sites
Based on 100% Web Technologies
HTML5 and CSS based themes
Fast, responsive Web navigation
Mobile friendly HTML output
Upload documentation via FTP
Output to Web or CHM files
Generate Word and PDF documents
Import .NET, FoxPro classes
Import Web Services
Import SQL Server databases
Import existing CHM files
Get it

You can download and install a fully functional shareware version of Help Builder from our Web site.

Alternately install using the Chocolatey NuGet installer:

c:\> choco install WestwindHtmlHelpBuilder

West Wind Html Help Builder is licensed software and you can purchase a registration key to activate the full version of Help Builder from:

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  • Windows 10-Vista, 2012-2008
  • .NET Framework 4.5

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