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Download West Wind Html Help Builder. Create end user or developer documentation, references, FAQs, knowledge bases, notes repositories and any other free form text references for online of offline storage and sharing. The download provides a free fully functional shareware version, or you can register the full version with a registration code.

Version 5.0  

August 18th, 2017
File size:
13.5 Mb
What's New

Version 4.0 Release  

Jan 10th, 2015
File size:
9.5 Mb
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West Wind Html Help Builder is provided as fully functional shareware that generates a small shareware message in the generated HTML output. To activate the full, unrestricted version of the software please register your copy by purchasing one of our reasonably priced licenses and obtaining a registration key.
Thanks for playing fair.

You can also install directly from Chocolatey's package store:

c:\> choco install WestwindHtmlHelpBuilder

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows Vista or 2008 and newer
32 or 64 bit
Microsoft .NET 4.5 Runtime (check)
Download the zip file
Run the contained HelpBuilderSetup.exe
Follow the installation instructions