Adding a new topic

Adding a new topic is accomplished through the New Topic Wizard. Based on the current topic the Wizard makes a suggestion for the next topic to create. In the case of a class method or property the Wizard allows quick configuration of topics with parameters, return types and basic class information.

Topic Types

The first thing to do is to select the type of topic to create. Every topic created is assigned a specific topic type which defines the icon and HTML template used to render that topic. There are a number of default types and you can also create new types of your own.

The most common types are TOPIC and HEADER. Topic is a typical leaf node which contain most of the content in a help file. Header is the most common expandable node that acts as root node for other topics - sort of like a group header. Other types available are more sepecific: WEBLINK is for an external link, WHATSNEW is a specialty topic for new things, INDEX is the root of the entire project. In addition, there are developer specific types like CLASSHEADER, CLASSMETHOD, CLASSPROPERTY etc., DATABASE, DATATABLE, DATAFIELD etc. that deal with developer documentation imported or manually created. And of course you can expand these topics.

Starting Topic

Next select where you want the topic to be inserted. Topics are created relative to another topic and this topic is the one that acts as this base. By default this topic will always be the current topic active when you clicked the New Topic option.

Topic Insertion Location
Topics can be inserted in various places relative to Starting topic:

  • At the current level
    The topic is created at the same level of the hierarchy as the current one. This is common if you are editing a TOPIC and you want create another topic of type TOPIC.

  • Below the current topic
    The topic is created below the Starting Topic. This is typical if you want to create a TOPIC underneath a HEADER topic.

  • At the top level
    If you create a new header topic you might want to create it at the top level of the tree.

Step 2

In the second step of the Wizard you get to set up the basics for the TOPIC. Depending on the type of topic you create you enter either just a title as shown below, or you might enter a bit more information such as method name and parameters for Class members.

New topics are immediately displayed in the tree and are ready to be edited.

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