What's New

Version 5.02

August 18th, 2017

  • Preview Rendering Improvements
    The preview renderer is now dynamically updating content for a smoother, less resource intensive preview refresh operation. Preview sync is more precise and you're less likely to see janky page rendering on refreshes. The active line is also highlighted.

  • Theming Update for Darkhan and GitHub Themes
    There have been some subtle adjustments to the Darkhan and Github themes for font sizes, spacing around lists and quotes and slightly softer primary text/background colors.

  • Topic Content Navigation Fix
    Fixed issue where topic links inside of a topic (cross links) would not appropriately update the browser's address bar. Fixed.

  • Many small UI Fixes
    There have been many small UI fixes. The tree has been updated to handle more efficient quick searches. The new topic dialog now properly trims titles and other values entered. Many Markdown editor focus quirks have been fixed.

  • Fix: Markdown Rendering for Code Snippets
    There have been a number of fixes for rendering Markdown content that includes embedded Help Builder scripts (like <%= ChildTopicsList() %> for example). Most helper functions now also don't require parameters.

Breaking Changes for 5.02

  • Script Updates - Make sure to update your Templates!
    This version adds mandatory script changes in _layout.wcs and wwhelp.js that handle preview content updates and detect changes to the document. Make sure to update your templates in Tools->Options->Update Templates. As always, templates are backed up and a _layout_old.wcs file is created for you to use a diff tool with. There are also a number of changes in wwhelp.css.

Version 5.01

May 25th, 2017

  • Spell Checking Improvements
    The spellchecker now only spell checks the active text that is on screen and a buffer area before and after the visible text. This improves editor performance on large documents as spell checks only affect a small portion of the entire document.

  • Support for Image Pasting
    You can now paste images from the clipboard into Markdown content. Simply copy an image to the clipboard from your browser or image editing program, and then ctrl-v into the active markdown document at the location you want to embed the image.

  • PNG Image Compression
    When pasting images into the editor or adding images by filename in the image dialog, images saved as PNG are automatically compressed using optipng. Image compression occurs in the background and compressed images may not be available immediately.

  • Editor->Preview Scroll Sync
    The HTML Preview now stays in sync with the editor's content in most situations. To move the preview simply navigate in the edit document and the preview will reflect the approximate location of the text with the editor selection showing in the top quarter of the preview.

  • Html PreviewWindow Setting Remembered between Restarts
    The HTML Preview window setting is now remembered between restarts of the application. If you had the external preview open when you shut down, it will be opened when you start back up the next time.

Breaking Changes for 5.01

  • Script Updates - Make sure to update your Templates!
    This version adds mandatory script changes in _layout.wcs and wwhelp.js that handle preview content updates and detect changes to the document. Make sure to update your templates in Tools->Options->Update Templates. As always, templates are backed up and a _layout_old.wcs file is created for you to use a diff tool with.

Version 5.0

February 7th, 2017

  • Support for Markdown Editor Format
    The text editor's for main content, remarks and code examples now support Markdown text. Help Builder topics can be set to use Markdown syntax or the old Help Builder format via a switch on the Main form. The view mode is applied to body, remarks and example fields by default and any other fields that use < %= FormatHtml() % > or < %= FormatCode() % > in the Markup template. Markdown is an easy to use text markup format that is optimized for quick text entry while typing, has support for raw HTML for additional formatting and is highly portable and very well supported in various developer and CMS solutions. Once created moving Markdown between environments is easy.

  • New Content Text Editor
    The text editor for editing the main content is now a separate rich text editor with many more features than the old editor. Syntax highlighting for Markdown and HTML formats, complete undo buffer support, find and replace, font sizing with scroll wheel or Ctrl-+/-. You can also access the same editor from other text fields like Notes, Examples and Class properties by pressing Alt-UpArrow.

  • Markdown and Help Builder Syntax Highlighting as you type
    Added new main text editor that supports syntax highlighting and more complete editing experience. Highlights Markdown syntax, HTML and Help Builder formats as well as code highlighting for various supported code snippets like JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc. when embedded in Markdown text.

  • As you type Spell-Checking
    The new editor also has support for spell checking as you type, using underlines to highlight mistyped text as you type. You can double click to get suggestions for words to replace misspelled words. The spell checker supports multiple languages out of the box and you can add custom dictionary files to support others.

  • Search and Search and Replace in Topic Text
    The rich editor window supports rich search and replace functionality in main topic content using the Ctrl-F and Ctrl-H shortcuts.

  • Topic Search Box
    You can now do a quick search on topics using the search box above the list of topics. Topics are instantly filtered to your search text based on the topic title.

  • Greater language Support for Syntax Colored Code Highlighting
    The templates now use AceEditor for syntax color highlighting and so support for a much larger number of code languages is supported in Help Builders code output. You can simply specify any of Ace Editors code languages. You can use code fencing followed by a language (example: ```csharp) to specify the code language. Common supported languages are shown from the Code insertion toolbox button.

  • New HTML Preview Windows
    There's now a smart preview window that syncs up with navigated topics or when you save your topic content. The window maintains its scroll position on refreshes and supports navigation of topics through the preview. There's also a new system browser preview that lets you see the topic in your configured Windows browser. The window now also respects minimizing and some operations like Screen Captures minimizing and restoring when the main window does.

  • FTP Topic and TableOfContents Upload
    In addition to uploading a complete compiled project via FTP, you can now also upload the current topic or the table of contents individually. This lets you quickly make corrections for individual topics without having to send the whole project up.

  • Direct PDF Output Generation
    You can now generate PDF documents directly from your help file using the same MSWord templates that you use to generate Word documents. As with Microsoft Word document output this feature requires MS Word 2010 or later.

  • Data Exports
    The content you create is your's and we believe you should be able to get your data out of Help Builder should you decide to use it elsewhere. You can export the Help Builder content data into XML or JSON.

  • Find Unreferenced Images and Resources
    A new option on the Tools menu shows you all image resources that have no matching links in the topics or templates. You can then optionally delete these images. Use this for image housekeeping which can become cumbersome on large projects.

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