How new topics sort

New topics are added to Help Builder by default in the following order:

  • Topic Type
  • Alphabetically

This default sort order is applied whenever the set of topics where the topic is inserted has not been explicitly sorted or when you insert a topic as a child of a parent topic.

Overriding default topic insertion order
The default order is not used if you insert a topic in a sorted list and you insert the topic at the current level.

To do this:

  • Pick the parent topic of the topics that are to be sorted
  • Use the Topic Sorter to arrange topics or just click update to force sort orders as is
  • Select the topic after which to insert your topic
  • Click New Topic and follow the Wizard

Your new topic is now inserted following the original topic you started from.

Note that if you insert a new topic from the topic above, the topic will again auto-sort using thing original sort order even if the list was previously sorted.

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