This method allows you to retrieve topics as an array. You may optionally specify a filter string which is used as part of a SQL WHERE clause.

o.GetTopics(lcCursor, lcQuery)

Return Value

Object with two fields:

The aTopics member is an array that consists of the following fields:
ParentPk, pk, Topic, Class, Method, type, expanded, lower(Topic)

These are optimized for display in external tools such as treeviews. To get additional topic information you can use LoadTopic with the PK field to return a full oTopic object.


Internally this class can return a cursor. Externally, over COM only an Array can be returned and you must pass ARRAY as the parameter.

Optional - a SQL WHERE clause filter string. For example:

loTopics = o.GetTopics("ARRAY","entered > {01/01/99}")


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