Preview Modes

Help Builder works with a highly visual environment that shows you immediately what your help file output will look like in both the browser and the HTML Help engine that uses the exact same HTML. Help Builder provides two preview modes:

  • Internal Preview
    The internal view lets you see the help topic with the internal Web browser view that replaces the edit input form. This view is fully functional and allows you to view the help engine including any related links by clicking and following the help file's flow.

  • External Browser View
    The external browser view uses your default browser (you should use Internet Explorer for best results to match your HTML Help results) to display the topic. This useful feature is great for active previewing while you're editing your help text. Whenever you move or update a topic the browser view is also automatically updated for a live view of the topic as you're creating it. You can also press Alt-S to save the current content and force the browser view to immediately update.


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