This method is used to retrieve a specific topic. The topic is searched for by either Pk or Topic field depending on the lTopic parameter. If .T. search is performed by topic otherwise it's assumed the PK is used.

If no parameters are passed the current topic is reloaded from disk...


Return Value

.T. or .F.


Primary key or Topic string. Mainly the PK will be used but you can supply a topic if lTopic = .T. The topic name must be complete and exact, but does not need to be case sensitive.

Optional. Allows specification of how a topic is retrieved.

0 - by PK (string)
1 - by Topic Title (string)
2 - by Context Id (string or numeric)
4 - by Namespace Member Signature (for .NET classes)

You can also use the value "BLANK" to retrieve an empty oTopic object. "TOP" returns the first topic, "BOTTOM" the last in the underlying file.


lcHTML1 = oHelp.RenderTopic()

oHelp.LoadTopic("Class wwHelp",1)
lcHTML2 = oHelp.RenderTopic()


See also:

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