Opens a help project file. If the file does not exist this function prompts for a file unless the llSilent parameter is passed as true.

If no parameter is passed the help file is reselected or reopened as needed. The most efficient mechanism for getting the file is used.


Return Value

.T. or .F.


The file name to open. Optional.
If no filename is passed the current help project file is used. If llForceReopen is not set to .T. if a help file is already open, it is selected rather than actually opening the file from disk.

Forces the file to be reopened at all times, rather than using an already open copy. Use this when you need to open a new table. If this value is .F. the current alias is reselected if already open.

Set to .T. if you don't want any prompts to display. By default a file open dialog will pop up if the file cannot be found.


This method sets the cFileName property.

Check the cErrorMsg property for errors if this method returns .F.


oHelp = CREATEOBJECT("wwHelp")


See also:

Class wwHelp | wwHelp::cFileName | wwHelp::Close

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