Command Line Options

Help Builder supports a couple of command line options that you can execute directly from command line without invoking the Help Builder User Interface directly. The following is a list of commands available:

Resets Help Builder's configuration to its default settings by deleting the wwhelp.ini configuration file. Use this option if you for some reason have problems using Help Builder.

You can start Help Builder with a specific help project file as a parameter to directly open that project. You need to specify a full path to the project.

wwhelp.exe "C:\Users\ricks\Documents\Html Help Builder Projects\webmonitor\webmonitor.hbp"

Allows importing of .NET assemblies via command line options. This feature makes it possible to generate or add to an existing help file by adding documentation from assembly imports that can be driven from automated processes such as the Visual Studio Build Engine. Output generates a message file that reports error information.

For more detailed information on this process please see Command Line Assembly Import.

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