Namespace Westwind.wwHelp

This topic tree describes the Westwind.wwHelp namespace.

  wwHelpComWrapper This class acts as a base class wrapper around a COM object. It stores a reference to the inbound COM reference in ComInstance. Subclasses must set the ComInstance member preferably with the only constructor.
  wwHelp The wwHelp class is an instance of a Help Builder Project. It's the non-visual version of Help Builder that allows creation of projects, compilation etc. This object is also available as a subobject of the wwHelpForm object.
  wwHelpConfig The Config class maps to the various Help Builder IDE configuration settings. These settings map to the settings found in wwHelp.ini. In addition to the properties on this object you can also dynamically access any values via the Indexer: string s = (string) Help.Config["ClassOpenPath"];
  wwHelpForm An implementation of the Help Builder IDE. This is the form based interface that you see when help builder runs. This class wrappers the Help Builder COM object (wwHelp.wwHelpForm) and makes passthrough calls via Reflection.
  wwHelpTopic The Topic class provides information about an individual Help Builder topic. It maps essentially to the underlying fields in the database. This class also supports an indexer for custom fields so you can reference any fields that exist in the table but are not exposed as properties via the generic indexer: <>string s = (string) Help.Topic["MyCustomField"];<>
  TopicTypes Topic Types used for loading topics
  StatusTypes Status display mechanims used on the form to display messages with teh StatusBarMessage() method.
  ViewerModes The Help Builder Form's View modes for editing or preview

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