Generate PDF output

Help Builder has no native capability to output to a PDF file at the moment, but if you have Microsoft Word 2007 or later installed you can export to Word and then convert to PDF from there.

Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 or later

Microsoft Word 2007 or later supports exporting to PDF documents. Word 2007 requires a free download to install PDF functionality, but Word 2010 and later has this capability built-in natively.

To create a PDF file with Microsoft Word follow these steps:

  • Open your project
  • Switch your Help Builder Template to MSWord (Tools | Select Template Scheme)
  • Check and make sure the layout looks right
  • Generate an MS Word Document (Tools | Generate Word Document)
  • When done go to the finished Word document and choose Save As
  • Select the PDF file extension and save to disk
  • Use Windows Explorer to open the saved PDF file

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