Help Builder crashes on startup and now I can't start it

Hopefully this wil never happen to you, but if it does and you have corrupted your project file it is possible that Help Builder will fail to load. At this point Help Builder will fail and not allow you to continue so that you cannot load another project.

The easiest way to get Help Builder to start is to delete the wwHelp.ini file, or edit the file to remove the RecentList and LastFile keys from the file. These keys holds the last used projects and removing them will make Help Builder open with no open projects.

Fixing project corruption can have several causes and will depend on the behavior of your failure. Please visit the West Wind Message Board and post a message there so we can help you isolate the problem and help you fix it. Before you do anything BACKUP THE FILE!!! Continued restarting of Help Builder on a corrupted file may make the problem worse or clear out the file altogether.

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