Static field that determines whether the event hooks are established. If false no events are hooked and the Help Provider acts just like the standard Windows Help Provider component.

This property is static and should be set once at application startup depending on whether you want the key event hooks to fire. This allows you to easily control whether the application allows trapping of the key events to pop up Help Builder. Ideally you'll want to have a configuration flag in a config file that can turn this option on or off in your application's startup code as shown in the example.

public static bool EnableHelpBuilderHelpProvider


static void Main() 
	WebStoreConfig Config = new WebStoreConfig();

	// *** Enable or disable Help Builder Editing at runtime
	HelpBuilderProvider.EnableHelpBuilderHelpProvider = Config.EnableHelpBuilderEditing;

	HelpBuilderHelpProvider.HotkeyKey = Keys.F3;
	HelpBuilderHelpProvider.HotkeyModifier = Keys.Control;
	Application.Run(new Form1());

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Class HelpBuilderHelpProvider

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