Microsoft Visual FoxPro Features

Help Builder supports importing of both PRG and VCX based Visual FoxPro classes as well as Visual FoxPro tables and database containers.

Visual FoxPro IDE integration is provided via a small PRG file that adds a new Help Builder menu to the Visual FoxPro IDE. This add in menu provides a number of COM Automation hooks that automate Help Builder and allow you to easily communicate with Help Builder.

The menu provides the following features:

  • Pop up Help Builder context sensitively based on Help Context Ids directly from within VFP
  • Ability to directly import Help Context IDs into Windows Forms and Controls
  • Ability to create Code Comments from a Help Builder topic
  • Ability to import a Code Comment block from a VFP snippet into Help Builder

You can launch this PRG file from within the Visual FoxPro IDE:

DO <HelpBuilderInstallDir>\wwHelp_Keys.prg

This file is provided as Source Code and provides a good example of Editor integration and how to use the Help Builder COM object using Visual FoxPro code.

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