Creates a two column HTML table of child topics. This is a quick way to display all child topics in a page as part of a header topic usually.

For example, to show all DATASTOREDPROC child topics, name the left column Procedure and providing the an abstract of the body and the topic syntax (as an optional last parameter) for the detail.

When used in a topic you can embed the following (all on a single line):

<%=  ChildTopicsTableHtml()  % >

or using the full set of parameters:

<%=  ChildTopicsTableHtml(oHelp,"DATASTOREDPROC",
         "oHelp.oTopic.Syntax" )  % >

The last two parameters are evaluated expressions.


Return Value



Reference to a Help Builder Object

A comma delimited list of child topics that are to be listed.

The column header label for the left column. The right column always says Description

Optional - first display expression. Defaults to the body of the text This content is truncated at the first paragraph.

Optional - second display expression displayed underneath the first.


The following can be used in a topic:
This topic tree shows all the stored procedures for Webstore.

<%=  ChildTopicsTableHtml(oHelp,"DATASTOREDPROC","Procedure",
  "oHelp.FormatHtml(oHelp.oTopic.Body)","oHelp.oTopic.Syntax" )% >

See also:

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