Import a Web Service

HTML Help Builder allows you to import Web Services. This feature allows you to create documentation from a Web Service Description file that is located on the Internet or locally in a file. Help Builder parses the Service description and documents the methods availalble on the Web Service.

Start with the Import Class or Type Library option from the Tools menu. Select Web Service WSDL option on the dialog and then click Select the file to import... you will be prompted to select a URL to for the WSDL description of the Web Service.

Once you've selected the Web Service location specify where you want the topic to be generated and click Finish.

The imported Web Service will look something like this:

The import retrieves the names of all the methods, the WSDL URL and the service's endpoint. Methods retrieved return information on each parameter passed in and the return values returned out. The importer also creates a seperate topic for all complex types that are exposed from the Web Service which is displayed as a set of HTML tables.

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