The Preview Topic Pane

The preview pane serves as HTML display of your help topic content. Topics are previewed in HTML format inside of an Internet Explorer Web View, which is identical to the way they will display in the help file.

Here's what the Preview Pane window looks like with a topic rendered inside of it:

Automatic Refresh

The preview automatically refreshes when you save your topic in Help Builder (Ctrl-s). The preview window also maintains its scroll position when you refresh the same page so that you can stay with changes made further down the page. Note you still have to scroll to move further down the page, but the scroll position will not change in same page updates.

Dock to main Window

You can optionally dock the preview window to your main Help Builder window, so it's always in view. If you move or resize the window the Preview window stays with it. This is useful if you have a lot of screen real estate and you want to keep the window active at all times.

Alternately you can run undocked and store the Window on a second screen and see the updates there.

Always Osntop

Forces the Window to always stay on top of the Windows window stack to ensure the window is always visible and never obscured by other windows.

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