In order to run this product you need the following:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or later
    If you plan on generating output for MS Word or PDF documentation you will also need a copy of Microsoft Word 2007 or later. Help Builder automates Word to generate your documentation in Word format. Word is not required for generating HTML or HTML Help output!

  • SnagIt from TechSmith

SnagIt is a powerful screen capture utility that makes short work of capturing screen images and fixing them up in flexible ways for publishing in help files. Although Help Builder includes native screen capturing, using SnagIt provides a much richer capture and image editing experience. SnagIt operation is directly integrated with Help Builder so you image captures can pull images directly into your help content. If you do even just a few image captures this is the best $49 you'll ever spend (and no, we don't make anything of this - it's just a great product we've used for years).

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