In order to run this product you need the following:

Optional Third Party Integrations

  • Microsoft Word for PDF and MS Word Output
    If you plan on generating output for MS Word or PDF documentation you will also need a copy of Microsoft Word 2010 or later. Help Builder automates Word to generate your documentation in Word and PDF format.

    Note: MS Word is not required for generating HTML or HTML Help output - it's required only for PDF and MSWORD output!

  • SnagIt from TechSmith for Screen Captures
    SnagIt is a powerful screen capture utility that makes it extremely easy to capture screen shots, mark them up and embed them in Help Builder using our SnagIt integration.

    Although Help Builder includes native screen capturing, using SnagIt provides a much richer capture and image editing experience. SnagIt operation is directly integrated with Help Builder so you image captures can pull images directly into your help content.

    Note: You can also capture images to the clipboard using Alt-PrintScreen/Ctrl-PrintScreen or using any image capture application including SnagIt. Simply paste image content from your clipboard into any Help Builder topic in the Markdown editor.

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