Creating crosslinks to other topics

Ok, now that we've created some content let's back up to the parent topic we created earlier. The Installation could use some cross links that point at the individual topics that we just created.

If you recall we had a list in that page that simply showed what we were going to discuss in the subtopics we created just now.

Let's hook them up by using the Insert Bookmark toolbar button or alt-o:

When you click the button or press alt-o the dialog pops up with the selected text as the link text:

Notice that the correct topic is already selected in second control, because the selected text happened to match the exact topic text. If it can't find a matching topic, you can simply type into the auto-completing text box, or select a topic from the dropdown.

You can also click on the Search button to bring up the search topic dialog that lets you browse topics:

When you find your topic in the Topic Browser double click to select the topic. Once your topic is set, click OK to insert the topic into your text.

Topics are embedded as hyperlinks with a custom topic syntax moniker:

[The Web Monitor Configuration Form](VFPS://Topic/_5691DYDVQ)

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